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Borescope, Recording, Video/Still

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 Borescope, Recording, Video/Still


Applications: • Inspecting cylinder bores and valves through the spark plug hole • Examine for gear wear in differentials and manual transmissions • Viewing inside door and body panels to check for malfunctions, defects and hidden damage • Inspecting under the dash for electrical routing, HVAC actuator operation and radio code verification • Locating fluid leaks without a direct line of sight Features and Benefits: • Records and plays back still images and video clips • 3.5 inch display offers large viewing screen • Quick-change connector enables use of optional length, specialized purpose imagers • Removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack • Can operate BK6000 while charging the battery • Integrated stand and hangar for flexible positioning • Easy-to-use, multi-language interface • 2x digital zoom for increased viewing and recording flexibility • Mini USB connector for uploading images and video to a computerfor viewing and e-mailing • External SDHC card slot –using SD cards, save images and videos to take with anywhere • Control handle disengages to allow greater maneuverability of imager • Audio input jack for recording comments with optional ear bud & microphone attachment • Two-year warranty for added purchase security Kit Includes Digital Scope and these accessories: BK6000-1 Lithium-ion Battery, BK6000-2 S-Hook, BK6000-6 Carry Case, BK6000-10 Battery Charger, BK6000-12 USB Cable, BK5500-1 36” Standard Imager and BK5500-2 Mirror & Magnet

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